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This week’s obsession: Cookie Dough Pops

Sometimes, friends, I knock it so far out of the park that I am thoroughly impressed with myself. This week is definitely one of those times.

Are you a cookie dough fan? I have always been a huge fan - chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite. It’s my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor, I love sneaking tastes of the cookie dough before I bake it, and one time, I even bought a log of cookie dough the day of a break up and peeled the wrapper off like a banana and ate my feelings.

I have terrible coping mechanisms.

Regardless, I’ve given up eating cookie dough in recent years because I know too much about the dangers of eating raw eggs and raw flour. I’ve been really sad because I’ve come across recipes that are eggless, but don’t taste quite right so it’s not worth the trouble. I’ve also come across ways to heat treat your flour and let me tell you, it’s not that tasty either.

But then I came across oat flour, and I gotta say, I’m really feeling oats lately! In the last two years I switched to using oat milk in my coffee because it tastes simply amazing, I’ve sampled oat milk ice cream which is really a treasure, and now I’m using oat flour in eggless cookie dough recipes to make a tasty treat for myself (and all of you!) that is also incredibly safe to eat. (SIDE NOTE: I’m using it as a 1:1 replacement of AP flour in these cookie dough recipes, for all of you bakers out there thinking of doing the same.)

Then I asked myself… who on earth is going to sit around just eating cookie dough? I mean, aside from those of us going through a breakup. Not likely any of us, really. Or… that any of us will admit.

(I mean, I certainly wouldn’t judge you if you did. See the above banana peel story.)

So how can I get these glorious safe cookie dough recipes in your mouth if I’m not going to make you disclose that you do in fact eat cookie dough by the spoonful?

And then it hit me.

Remember those adorable cake pops that I made a while back that were a huge hit but I personally just can’t get past the texture? What if I replaced the interior of cake scraps with frosting mixed in with this delicious cookie dough?

I mean really, what did I have to lose with this? I kind of felt like a mad scientist but that’s besides the point. For some reason the very first cookie dough that I wanted to try is peanut butter and chocolate. I love peanut butter, but almost never eat it in cookie form (but peanut butter brownies? YES, PLEASE!), so it was sort of an off brand choice for me, but I am SO glad that I did it. I think this may be my new favorite thing!

Peanut butter cookie dough pops with Reese's pieces candies and Mischief Managed sprinkle blend.

The week that I was toying with this cookie dough pop idea, I had two girlfriends come over for dinner on separate nights. One I shared just the cookie dough with, and one I had the actual pops ready for her to try. I’m learning how much my friends love chocolate and peanut butter as a dessert combo - it’s pretty much the same level that I’m on, and I couldn’t be happier about that 💜 They also couldn’t get enough of the peanut butter cookie dough, which affirms my belief that these are some of the tastiest things I’ve made so far!

I added Reese’s Pieces candies into the cookie dough to make it more peanut buttery, with a little bit of chocolate, but then I made the shell out of tempered chocolate which really packs a punch for the overall flavor profile of the dessert. To make them pretty enough to be included on my menu, I drizzled some extra chocolate across them, added some sprinkles (a blend from Sprinkle Pop called ‘Mischief Managed’) and more Reese’s Pieces candies to complete the look. I am dazzled!

Next I decided to make funfetti cookie dough since those are my second most popular cookies. I chose to make a white chocolate shell with sprinkles for this batch, and it is a pretty spectacular sight. My tastebuds are so happy, and I think yours will be, too!

Now I don’t know why I've been avoiding making the chocolate chip cookie dough pops that have been on my mind all week. It could be because I absolutely hate tempering chocolate. But I do want to share a tip this week about that. I bought better couverture (Callebaut) this weekend and attempted the tempering process again and holy moley, special ordered, higher quality chocolate is absolutely worth the cost! So if you’re struggling with tempering chocolate, upgrade the quality of your couverture and it gets easier. The process still is not enjoyable by any stretch, but at least it doesn't take an hour and a half to complete.

Cookie Dough Pops!

And there you have it folks - another adorable dessert that may actually be my favorite (for now), and I found a way to make the process less miserable by upgrading my ingredients. #WINWIN

I hope you have a great weekend, and keep an eye out for these new babies to appear on my menu very soon.

Happy eating, y’all!

If you tried this dessert, or any other desserts in my blog, please share my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts about them and let people know what you think! Mahalo!

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