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Meet the Chef

First and foremost, yes my real last name is Baker. I absolutely see the irony. 


Here’s the boring stuff: I graduated from college with a BA in New Media Communications and a double minor in Business Administration and French. Also, I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth. After college, I decided to put my design background (and sweet tooth) to good use, and I enrolled in pastry school in Chicago, IL. I graduated from L’art de la Patisserie program at The French Pastry School in June 2011, and moved back to New Orleans for some serious hands on experience.

I live for flavor, rhythm, and a good bottle of wine with friends. When I can have all three at the same time, I don’t believe that life gets any better than that.

Throughout my life I've been told that patience is one of my strong suits, and having years of experience with speaking to varying group sizes on a multitude of topics has made teaching a very natural role for me. Every time I make a cake or decorate cookies, I'm asked, “how did you do that?!” Now, I’m working to answer that question by showing you exactly how it’s done.

Explore some of my work on the Gallery page.

Book a class on the Book Online page.

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