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In the beginning, there was the word...

Or, well, a lot of words actually. Ya know, because it's a blog.

My plan for this blog is to talk to you about the things that I'm focusing on each week, whether it's certain ingredients, particular methods, types of pastries - whatever. You get it.

I want to talk to you about this week’s focus: my friends. Can I please just brag to you about what a major support system they’ve been for me as I’ve been getting my act together. Oh, and about how much fun they are?! Every time I’ve chatted with a friend of mine about this new venture, I was met with a resounding “YES” and mucho enthusiasm! It’s awesome. (One of my favorite responses was from one of my Nola ladies via text: "So obviously I'm 1000% in favor of this!!" I am such a lucky person!)

My Nola ladies - we have too much fun together!

Plus when I mentioned to a few of my new local friends about needing some action photos for my website, not only did they rise to the occasion, but we ended up having THE BEST day together and shared tons of laughs. And some freshly made macarons to boot! These ladies make my life here so enjoyable and share my unending love for dogs, which just adds to my happiness!!

I also have to give a shout out to my colleagues who became friends because we were drawn to each other’s strength, intelligence, and resolve. I feel so empowered by having them in my corner, and I’m convinced that one day we will take over the world! (Or at least strike down bad business practices across the US!) It’s been such an intellectually demanding task to start this business from scratch, but knowing that they are willing to let me take over our video chat session and turn it into a business meeting so I can work out my next move has made all the difference.

And last but not least (we save the best for last, right?), I must send a great big shout out to my man candy - who most likely will not read all the way to this point based on a recent conversation we had, but what are you going to do? He has been encouraging me to start my own business from day one, and I have to say that having someone believe in me that much has finally made me start believing in myself. (Ok truth be told, he wants me to start this business and become a highly successful boss lady so he can retire from his job and be a stay at home dog dad, but hey, believing in me is believing in me!) Thank you for taking out your earbuds every time I needed to talk about a random idea that just hit me on the beach, and for making sure I do all the business-y things that entrepreneurs are some how just supposed to know, and for all of the support and encouragement along the way, because I wouldn’t have pulled this together without it!

So really I want to start this whole thing off with an expression of gratitude. First to the people who believed in me when this whole idea was just a small seedling in the jungles of my brain and supported me through its inception – I could not have started this venture without you! Secondly, I want to express gratitude to everyone who will be. Those who will be my clients, those who will be my supporters, and those who will be my friends. All of whom will make this business a great success.

To you, I say THANK YOU!


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There are so many people who should read this ... for so many reasons. Me, I know it is in you. We started our rebellion all those years ago with wine. This makes me happy!

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