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This week’s obsession: Accomplishments

This has been a week of accomplishments! At work, I was able to make a decision that brought a close to the turmoil of the last few weeks and made me feel more at peace. Also this week my man candy flew off to Brazil and finished his bucket list goal of running a marathon on all seven continents (CONGRATULATIONS!!!) and is officially both the most inspiring and craziest person that I know! <3

Also there was this.

A friend of mine ordered her birthday cake from me as a present to herself. She said that she never gets real surprises anymore because she’s always the one buying presents for her own birthday or ordering her own birthday cake, so this year for her birthday all she wanted was for me to surprise her with the cake design. She knew she wanted a chocolate cake with caramel filling and chocolate frosting (WOW!! A woman after my own heart! I am all about decadent flavor combos for my birthday cake!) but she just wanted a simple birthday design that she didn’t have to pick out.

I felt like I achieved my goal because the look on her face when she saw her cake said without a doubt: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Plus it was such an awesome feeling to know that I made her birthday just a little more special. Another accomplishment here is something that I need to attribute solely to her – she walked in to the class that I was about to start teaching so she could say thank you, and she announced to everyone that it was her 50th birthday ::insert TOTAL JAW DROP here:: FIFTY?!?!? I had NO idea! I thought maybe she was mid-40s max, and I have to say, the woman looks great! So I must say job well done to the birthday girl because #mindblown !!

My last accomplishment for the week was attending the second ever Sip Sip Hooray Soiree as a vendor instead of as a guest. SSHS was designed to celebrate and highlight the female entrepreneurs of Maui and I was so honored to be asked to attend as a vendor this time!! The joy, the accomplishments, the talent – all of it blew me away! These women are so incredibly spectacular and supportive of each other that it’s impossible not to feel like a rising star when you’re surrounded by them. I want to give a great big shout out to each one of these women who made this event the overwhelming spectacle of celebration that it was, because it was truly a night of awesome! We have women who make body scrubs, and women who taught salsa dance lessons, and a reiki practitioner, and TONS of other talented women.

As for me, I set up a “decorate your own cupcake” bar where I taught a few decorating techniques on the fly and insisted on everyone’s cupcake being drowned in sprinkles by the end! I had so much fun just talking to people about what I do while helping them feed their sugar addictions at the same time! I think my most surprising moment of the evening is when I was speaking with a group of women and one of them pulled my sweaty self aside (I’m not kidding you about being sweaty. I wore my party clothes to the event since it was on the opposite side of the island of where I live, and dragged all of my supplies through the afternoon heat into the shop – including my table – where I was promptly asked to set up my bar right in front! I was so excited about my prime positioning until I realized that the front door would remain propped open to let in all of the tropical heat for the next few hours, so I was never able to cool off. And then they turned on the spotlight above me which was so hot that it actually melted some of my buttercream ::facepalm:: So yes. I was sweaty. Very very sweaty. Kinda makes you want to eat one of my cupcakes now, doesn’t it?! 😉 ok back to the story…) and said, “You look familiar. Are you an actress, too??” I wish I could have seen my face because I glanced down at my disheveled, sugar coated (and did I mention sweaty?) self and thought ‘what the hell kind of movie does she think I came from? Inferno??’ but I picked my jaw up off the floor and as politely as I could told her that I was indeed not an actress and handed her a cupcake.

Also, another minor accomplishment of mine for this evening was actually getting in front of the camera for once. I am far too critical of myself in photos, and for the longest time I couldn’t even take a decent photo to save my life. And when I say decent I mean a photo that was not so completely horrible that people would sometimes actually make the effort to try to lie and tell me that it wasn’t so bad. (Not fishing for reassurance here, this has just been a fact of my life for years. Let me share with you another story – remember when you had to take yearbook photos with a professional photographer who came to your school for the day? And typically they would come back a few weeks later to retake photos for students who were absent or blinked the first time? Yeah, well my first photo would always come out so horribly that my mother would make me go back for the second round of photos. Funnily enough we never used the second round of photos because they would inevitably come out looking worse than the first!!) Anyway, I actually posed for a few photos for a good friend who showed up to support me, and for that I totally owe her her dream Lucky Charms cake that we discussed a few weeks ago (look for that one sometime in the near future)! Thank you so much!!!

At the end of it all I just want to say thanks to everyone who supported me and reached out to wish me good luck and who took the time to ask how it went. It means the world to me to have such amazing people to celebrate my accomplishments with! And with that being said, I must insist that all of you go out today to celebrate YOUR accomplishments for this week, too!

Happy Sunday!

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