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This week’s obsession: Kissing the Summer Goodbye

I’ve heard several times that spilling your drink at a party is the adult equivalent of dropping your ice cream cone as a kid (although really I guess I should just stop spilling my drink so I don't hear that comparison anymore). But honestly, I don’t know which one hurts my heart worse. I guess that’s why I see this dropped ice cream cone cake as a bittersweet reminder that summer has come to an end (for some places) and it’s time to move on to the next. In this case, “the next” is #autumn and I am SO in love with autumn that I’m planning to pretend like it’s here even though the island doesn’t really get seasons. (And just FYI, while I'm doing that I plan to make autumn themed treats and sweets until the holiday season begins, so get ready!)

Vanilla cake filled with double fudge brownie chocolate ice cream with a sprinkle border and topped with a cakeball covered in candy melts and an ice cream cone.

But before that happens, I want to chat a little more about kissing the summer goodbye. This cake is a birthday treat for one of my dear friends who came to visit from New Orleans for her birthday. She’s in the floral industry so of course my first thought was to make a floral themed cake for her, but then I figured that maybe she would like a change of scenery, so to speak. I thought this was such a creative idea because it turns something so sad and disappointing into a unique treat to be enjoyed by all!

I was asked several times if that was an actual a scoop of ice cream on top of the cake, and I can assure you that it is not. When I bake my cakes, I use a cake strip around the outer edges to ensure that when the cake rises, it doesn’t get a dome on the top (I do this because you can't use the domed portion because it's not flat, so it usually goes to waste. Or in my case, waist). However, when I baked the vanilla cake for this creation, I refused to use the strips to ensure that I had a dome on the cake that I had to cut off to make it nice and level. Then I crumbled up all of that extra cake that I trimmed off the top and mashed it together with some #buttercream to make a nice ball of cake mush (really that’s the nicest thing I can say about cake balls because I take some serious issue with the texture. I don’t think I’ll share my thoughts just yet because you probably won’t want to ever eat a cake ball ever again if I put that imagery in your head, and I don’t want to rob you of that joy, should you see it as such…). After the cake ball set in the freezer, I placed it on my stacked cake and poured the candy melts all over the top of it to give it that just-melted-all-over-the-sidewalk look that we all (hopefully) avoid.

I kinda felt like I was cheating because I filled the cake with store bought ice cream (double fudge brownie chocolate ice cream to be exact), but then I saw the look on the birthday girl’s face (see photo)... Now THAT makes me believe that it was more than ok not to make everything from scratch just this once ;)

I guess the moral of the story is that kissing things goodbye does not necessarily have to be sad. It can be one of the most enjoyable experiences before starting with something new, just like chowing down on this ice cream cake before all of the autumn themed treats that are coming!

SIDE NOTE: What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday though! Flying out to a tropical island, spending your days on the beach, paddle boarding, snorkeling, going to a luau, exploring the island, and eating ice cream cake!

I’m going to keep this short and end it here with these super lovely photos of the birthday girl and I together because there’s a lot more celebrating that needs to be done this week, and I intend to give everyone a taste of my sweet dance moves (click the link to read the bonus story if you haven't heard of those) before time runs out. Plus I have two more cakes to make in the midst of all of that, so stay tuned!!

Happy eating, y'all!

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