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This week’s obsession: Shark Week

Shark treats have been a long time coming, my friends. Every year, my Man Candy™ gets summertime excitement about the combination of Le Tour de France and Shark Week! (In years when he’s really lucky - the Olympics rounds out that group, too!)

I’ve come to realize that I genuinely appreciate people who are enthusiastic about the things they like, and I certainly love how enthusiastic he gets about these events! Each year I think about throwing a shark themed party to add to the enthusiasm, and this year I finally put one together! Truth be told, the party was much smaller than I would have normally planned (thanks, COVID), however, it turned out perfectly! (Besides, I do tend to go overboard with my parties, so it was good that I reined it in anyway.)

I planned this party as a low-key affair, meant for us to eat some shark themed foods and to watch a few shark themed shows with friends. However, I went to one of my favorite pizza joints last night and they were serving blue curacao margaritas with shark gummies swimming in the depths of the tequila, and they had some stellar decorations, too, so I'm already planning to step it up a bit more next year.

For the party, I served snacks like goldfish - which I referred to as “shark bait” - and I had a gouda wheel that I was planning to slice into triangles to serve as “shark teeth”, but I got side tracked and absent-mindedly chopped it up for the charcuterie board instead. No one really seemed to mind, but I thought it would have been cute.

But what I was most excited about were the sweet treats! First, I made shark attack pudding cups. I dyed vanilla pudding two different shades of ocean blue and layered them into clear plastic cups. These were so much fun because I hid gummy sharks in the pudding as I was making them, and then I topped the pudding cup off with a chocolate teddy graham bear who was kept afloat by his “life preserver” (another gummy candy). My intent was to surprise my guests with the gummy sharks that were hidden in the pudding cups, but I was way too excited about them, so when I was Vanna White-ing the pudding cups, I spilled the beans about the hidden sharks.


I also made lemon cupcakes and decorated them with a fun wave patterned piping of lemon frosting, then topped them off with another gummy shark. These cupcakes were so cute and they are what I would like to share my Tip of the Week about. You’ll see it briefly in the video, but the way to achieve the tri-colored frosting that I piped onto the cupcakes is to smear lines of each color frosting next to one another on some plastic wrap. Roll the plastic wrap onto itself to create a tube with the frosting smears, then twist the ends. Cut off the tip of one end, and fit it into a prepared piping bag. Then pipe away in whatever style you like (funnily enough, the piping style I used for this one is called a shell pattern, which I think fits quite nicely into the ocean theme) and enjoy the beauty of the multicolored frosting.

Happy eating, y'all!

If you tried this dessert or any other desserts in my blog, please share my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts about them and let people know what you think! Mahalo!

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