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This week’s obsession: HP Popsicles

We’re all familiar with the movie Office Space, right?

So if I tell you that for the last 72 hours I’ve wanted to go all Office Space on the smoke detector in my apartment, you’ll understand what that means…

It’s possessed. Truly. I’ve changed the batteries, reset the system, disconnected the base from the wall... None of it has stopped the beeping. Couple that with the fact that my parents are staying with me this week, and the defective smoke detector is in the guest room where they’re “sleeping” and well… I’m stressed. And also a little convinced that there’s a poltergeist haunting the smoke detector.

The great search for “where-is-the-beep-coming-from/how-do-we-make-it-stop?!” coupled with showing my family around the city truly leaves next to no time for baking, so I wanted to make something that is easy and pretty (and Harry Potter themed!) for my dessert this week. Which is why I eyed up one of the easiest treats to make - something that doesn’t require baking.

It seems that my cakesicles were a big hit with this audience! They were my top visited blog post last month, and I’ve already gotten orders and multiple inquiries about making more of them. All I have to say to that is bring it on! I LOVE making these super cute treats. Also, in the times of COVID, these are extremely convenient since there is nothing communal about them. I can wrap each one individually and no one else has to touch it, cut it, or prepare it in any way. They truly are perfect for these “unprecedented times”.

On top of having my parents in town to help me search for the mysterious beeping poltergeist, it just so happens to be Fleet Week here. Some friends of ours live in an incredible location that looks over the water between the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, so they have prime viewing opportunities.

And fortunately, they like us so they invited us over for the air show. We love dining al fresco, and having an air show to watch while doing it is just the icing on the cake #ChefPuns Ordering multiple pizzas seemed to be the perfect way of enjoying the show (it’s easy to shovel into your wide open mouth as your gaping in wonder at the amazing display of flights), but my challenge is always “what dessert should I make that tastes good/everyone likes/can hold up in the weather?”

And that’s where these cakesicles come into play. I know the actual flavor profile of chocolate coated no bake cheesecake doesn’t exactly fit into a Harry Potter theme, but I do happen to have a magical sprinkle mix called “Mischief Managed” and it is wonderfully Harry Potter themed.

White chocolate coated no bake cheesecake pops with Mischief Managed sprinkles on top ⚡

I couldn’t resist piping some spiderwebs onto the chocolate coated pops in a nod to the Aragog cake that I made last Halloween.


What Harry Potter themes would you like to see next? I have a few ideas that I’m kicking around for next week, but I would love to hear what you’re interested in seeing. And don’t forget, the Halloween/Harry Potter themed episode of Baking and Boozing is coming out soon, so stay tuned!

Happy eating, y’all!

If you tried this dessert, or any other desserts in my blog, please share my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts about them and let people know what you think! Mahalo!

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