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This week’s obsession: A Letter Cake

I’m still the Cookie Monster this week, if you can believe that.

(And of course still a little bit of Charlotte.)

It’s more evident now than ever in the cake I made for this week. It’s actually an excellent blend of the two characters now that I think about it.

Three different types of cookies + lots of pink and sprinkles = an excellent combo of the Cookie Monster and Charlotte 💜

My birthday was earlier this month, and I have to admit that I was in a god-awful mood about it. So much so that I didn’t even bother about making my own birthday cake, which as most of you know by now is my absolute favorite thing about my birthday. Eventually, I told myself that I needed to get over this ridiculous temper tantrum that I was having. Besides, I was channeling Oscar the Grouch and I really couldn’t have that in my life anymore.

It's an odd juxtaposition, don't you think? (Side note: why have I suddenly become so into Sesame Street at this point in my life???)

After I settled down about all that and made it through a grueling week at work - nothing like intense work weeks to take your mind off of your personal life - I decided that I should indeed make myself a cake. After all, I was really the only person being punished by my decision to not make it, so I got to work.

I’ve had this idea for making this particular cake for my birthday for a while now, so I was ready with all of the recipes, designs, and equipment. First things first, I decided to make my birthday cake in the shape of an A.

To do so I had to create a template for the A shape, and while I would have liked to do something way more ornate with this shape, the tart dough I was working with was more like cake batter (or macaron batter, actually) and it was quite a struggle to shape it. So a plain, block letter shape it is.

I will say that I was impressed at how well the dough held its shape in the oven though. It didn’t spread or get misshapen at all! So after I struggled through making two identical letter A shaped layers, the fun part started. I made a delicious cream cheese frosting, I dipped some fresh strawberries in purple candy melts and covered them with sprinkles, I piped some lovely pink roses, and I baked some of my delicious funfetti cookies as extra decor. Also I just happened to have a few of my pistachio macarons left over from the last time I made them, so I cut those in half and started decorating.

This type of cake is one of my favorites to decorate because it’s all about placing decorations to make the cake look pretty. My tip of the week is about decorating this type of cake: make sure all of your decorations are ready when you start decorating, and be sure to supply decor in small, medium, and large sizes. I didn’t do so well on the medium for this cake, but I had plenty of large things like the chocolate covered strawberries, cookie halves, and the piped roses. Usually I would suggest something like candies in your color scheme to add to your medium sized decorations. I know that Jordan Almonds are really popular when decorating this type of cake because of their size and attractive colors. And for my small decor, I used a very pretty sprinkle mix that not only was aesthetically pleasing (Charlotte would definitely agree), but tasted great, too!

Here’s my assembly video for your enjoyment:

I’m considering offering this delicious cake as a mini-tart on my website. Maybe I’ll make it as a 4” two tiered square with cookies, candies, fruits, and flowers as decoration. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if this is something you’d order for yourself or loved ones!

Happy eating, y’all!

If you tried this dessert or any other desserts in my blog, please share my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts about them and let people know what you think! Mahalo!

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